Transformation towards the digital management of assets and processes in facilities, plants and networks-providing services with the objective to offer a better service to the client / citizen.

Transformation of the operation, maintenance and planning of distribution networks based on the massive use of sensors and signaling / traceability devices and the integration of new pipeline inspection systems.

Monitoring and conducting studies on the traceability of components and equipment in the subsoil, incorporating new micro-sensors and harvesting, low-power communication networks and integrated maps of underground infrastructures:

Transformation of the sector towards a context of smartmeters and network intelligence by developing prediction methods and demand management.

Take advantage of new technologies that exploit a lot of new sources of structured and unstructured data in the areas of water distribution, energy, waste treatment and others.

Apply artificial intelligence techniques and machine learning to optimize the networks management and planning, developing methods of predicting the demand at different levels (month / week / day / hours).

Promote the transformation of processes and the development of new applications and services, such as:

Create dynamic personalized services for each client designed based on their participation in Customer engagement activities with facilitating technologies for data sensing and acquisition.

Development of security support solutions in anticipation of the massive increase in sensing, data volume, critical data typology, increase of control elements and supervision.

Focused on advanced solutions for vulnerability and protection treatment, being important the physical safety and the access to critical systems, the logical-cybernetic security and the protection of intentional attacks, and the functional security against incidences and disasters:

Monitoring and control to articulate the coordination of the Community as established in the bases and governing bodies.

Coordinating entity of the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community: Digital Transformation and Living Services Community that wants to respond to the presented 4 major technological challenges to achieve the transformation of the energy, water and waste services sector under the range of 5 collaborative projects in the field of industrial research, experimental development and innovation: