The RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community makes an EVIDE SIDE at the
IOT Solutions World Congress 2019 (IOTSWC19)

  • In a totally different context, surrounded by technology, people from different countries, the SIDE EVENT act of the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community, framed in IOTSWC19, was successfully concluded.
  • After the welcome of the event by Mr. Joan Sansaloni, Development Manager of the Innovation Program of ACCIÓ, the 3rd General Assembly of the Community was held with the participation of all the partners of the entities that make up the ecosystem of said community.
  • Finally, and in a more dynamic line, 2 workshops were held:
    • How to face the new security and cybersecurity challenges in Utilities? presented by Mario Reyes de los Mozos (Eurecat) and Francesc Sebé Feixas (University of Lleida)
    • Digital Twin applied in the Utilities, presented by Albert Botella (Altran) and Jonas Saarimäki (Altran Sweden)
    • From the RIS3CAT Utilities Community coordination team we would like to thank all the speakers and attendees of the day for your participation and, we are waiting for you for the next General Assembly of the Community.

The Community RIS3CAT UTILITIES 4.0 is ambassador of the
IOT Solutions World Congress 2019

  • The IOT Solutions World Congress is the world's leading Internet linking things industry event. Since its first edition in 2015, the event has become the global benchmark for industrial IoT and the unmissable annual meeting for stakeholders in the industry. The 2019 edition will take place from 29 to 31 October in Barcelona! The content will focus on six dedicated areas: connected transportation, manufacturing, energy, healthcare, buildings and infrastructure and open industry. In addition the congress and exhibition area, the IOTSWC will also organize two events co-location: Blockchain Solutions World and AI & Cognitive Systems Forum.
  • Community RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 is part of the program Ambassador Program, opportunity for influential organizations and leaders representing technology, standards, education, research and development work with the World Congress of IOT Solutions in many areas, including marketing, content development, opportunities to speak and organize meetings with the aim of integrating our community to its technological ecosystem.
  • All community members will benefit from free tickets to the exhibition and discounts area for all our partners in the area of congress which includes access to the entire campus, presentations, events held during the 3 days of the congress.
  • In addition, the Community RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 will organize a SIDE EVENT (initiatives that help visitors make the most of your visit and offer the opportunity to showcase special projects in our technology ecosystem). In that event, it will be held the 3rd General Assembly of the Commonwealth and, finally, be carried out dynamic workshops focusing on issues of interest to all of us.
  • Since the coordination team of the Community RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 we encourage you to participate in this opportunity. We wait for you!!!

Participation in the 2nd Assembly of the
RIS3CAT Water Community

  • Altran, acting as the coordinating entity of the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 & Living Services Community, was invited to participate in the 2nd Assembly of the RIS3CAT Water Community, held on May 29th at the ACCIÓ headquarters in Barcelona.
  • A round table was organized, together with the leaders of the rest of RIS3CAT Communities: COTPA Community, INNOAPAT Community and the Energy Community, making a presentation on the synergies between the activities of our Community and the Water’s.
  • In this presentation, the objectives and projects that make the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community up were exposed, as well as the water link and importance for the sector that we are representing. In addition, some activities that are being carried out directly linked to water and performed by some partners of the Community were described. Thanks for sharing!
  • Very enriching initiative to have new visions of the use and importance of water and to establish synergies among communities.

Where is the R&D going in the circular economy?

  • On May 10th, the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community co-organized, together with ACCIÓ, the Seminar "Where does R&D go in the circular economy?, which was attended by approximately 110 attendees and presented 14 innovative solutions, within the field of Energy, Food and the industrial sectors.
  • On this intercommunal day, the tendencies in R&D&I projects in the field of circular economy were exposed: the projects that are being carried out in Catalonia related to the circular economy and the different products and services that have been developed by cooperative projects financed with the RIS3CAT Communities program.
  • A meeting and networking space between the RIS3CAT Communities that work on circular economy projects.

2nd General Assembly

  • On March 29th, 2019, the 2nd General Assembly of the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 & Livng Services Community was held with the aim of monitoring the activities of each project (including also the modifications that occurred in them) and the approval (under unanimity) of the entry of a new partner, Sensotran. Welcome to our Community!!!
  • The event was held in the new Naturgy’s InnovaHub space. It’s an open innovation space to connect with the digital and technological ecosystem that impacts the energy sector. From this site, we want to thank the cooperation of those responsible for offering us this space, as well as the rest of the participants who attended.
  • As mentioned before, in addition to making a brief presentation of the changes that have occurred and to see the current situation of the projects, 2 PYMEs were encouraged to make themselves known, Sensotran and Worldsensing.
  • We also had the participation of ACCIÓ, which showed the best practices of other Communities in order to apply them in our Community.
  • Finally, new informative elements were shown, such as the new RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community Website, as well as the opening on social networks, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, encouraging all the partners to participate and to be proactive. Thanks to all for your participation!!!!

Regional conference of the European initiative PRIMA:
2019 Calls

  • On January 22nd, 2019, at the ACCIÓ headquarters, an informative day was held to know the opportunities for participating in innovation projects in the upcoming calls for the PRIMA initiative (European entity that manages the funds) and the search for international synergies in the R&D&I field.
  • That day consisted of the presentation of project proposals in the context of the previously mentioned theme by the 3 RIS3CAT Communities that are currently collaborating, in order to promote opportunities and synergies between the companies and entities that participated.
  • This day is part of the Operational Programme of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union of Catalonia 2014-2020.

Interreg Europe
(RELOS3 Project)

  • During the month of November, the City Council of Sabadell led an Interreg Europe on the role of local entities in the implementation of the RIS3, RELOS3. A Long Term Visit to the project partners was organized, who attended to learn from the experience of the Catalan RIS3CAT, and within this area, the specific instruments such as the RIS3 communities.
  • Altran, as coordinator of the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community, participated in a round table to describe its experience within the Utilities Community to the partners of the different projects.


  • On October 31st, 2018, the presentation of the RIS3-MCAT platform, an interactive tool to visualize the activity of Catalan entities in science and innovation projects financed with European funds, was carried out. In the proof of concept phase, the Platform allows to map and characterize the activity of Catalan entities in projects of the European Horitzó 2020 programme and the RIS3CAT Communities and technological hubs.
  • The RIS3-MCAT Platform is an open government, artificial intelligence and data visualization project that integrates, relates and makes interoperable open data of science and innovation projects, with the aim of contributing to the following objectives:
    • Understanding the impact of European funds on the specialization of the research and innovation ecosystem of Catalonia.
    • Identifying opportunities to maximize the collective impact of research and innovation in Catalonia based on synergies and efforts coordination.
    • Providing new evidence to facilitate the decision-making of the agents from the research and innovation ecosystem in Catalonia, to promote new dynamics of collaboration and to inspire new public policies.
    • Making the Catalan entities that participate in the European research and innovation networks visible.
    • Understanding how European funds contribute to providing innovative answers to the challenges of our society.
  • Currently:
    • Dynamically maps the relationships between the entities of the R&D&I system in Catalonia and detects the configuration and evolution of innovative networks and communities in the various areas of specialization.
    • Dynamically maps the collaboration of the Catalan entities with international partners in the framework of the Horitzó 2020 programme.
    • It shows the temporal evolution and the geographic distribution of the projects and the actors in the R&D&I ecosystem of Catalonia.
    • It allows you to explore the areas of research and innovation in Catalonia using more than 15,000 keywords.

IoT Solutions World Congress

  • Last October, 2018 the IoT Solutions World Congress was held in Barcelona, in which the latest advances in the field of Internet of Things were shown and, as a novelty, a forum on artificial intelligence was created.
  • In this forum, the latest trends in artificial intelligence, data analytics and cognitive computing were discussed and real cases of the convergence of this technology and the IoT to transform the industry were exposed.
  • More than 100 sessions were created, such as, connected transport, goods manufacturing, healthcare, energy and supplies, construction and infrastructure, open industry, facilitating technologies, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
  • Altran participated in this congress by installing a stand to publicize the participation in the coordination of the RIS3CAT Utilities 4.0 Community, as well as to contribute the experience in innovation projects.